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Outdoor Team Building Activities for Companies and Organizations

On our corporate team building activities the focus is to have fun, build trust, relax in nature and learn some new skills along the way. By participating in these activities as a group, we build a stronger, more resilient and empathetic team. 

It’s hard to break out of stale patterns when we’re unconsciously running the same path every day and every week. By returning to nature, (and digitally detoxing!), we can reset our mind and body, reconnect with ourselves and with others we work with. 

We can tailor packages to individual groups and we also offer two standard packages at our centre:

Island Expedition with bushcraft and breathwork (most popular)

Land-based team games and water activities

Island Expedition with Bushcraft and Breathwork

Our outdoor team building activities consciously focus on the natural environment. 

We’re all busy not paying attention. The introductory sessions in breathwork, bushcraft and water skills take us out of our existing (physical and mental) frameworks. 

Through fun and relaxing experiences, we set the groundwork for building a positive mindset that’s more resilient to stress. This allows us to be more focused, more productive and energised in our personal and work life. We sleep better and are happier day-to-day. 

Our breathwork session is built on the Wim Hof Method and is facilitated by our qualified Wim Hof Method instructor, Edwin. The techniques improve mood and overall health. They’re both calming and energising at the same time and are a natural highlight in every team bonding day. 

A typical day on our Island Expedition includes: 

Paddle to O’Connor’s Island in canadian canoes (20 minute paddle).

Fire-lighting workshop with flint and steel and basic bushcraft session.

Trust building and team bonding exercise.

Breathwork session. 

Land-based Team Games and Water Activities

At Lough Allen Adventure Centre, we’re experts in outdoor adventure. Our mission is to encourage individuals and groups to re-discover the best of themselves through personal growth, natural lifestyle immersion and upskilling in fun outdoor activities. That last bit is the most important – fun!

Enjoying ourselves in the outdoors helps us to relax and reset. Building trust within a group happens best when we gently move outside our comfort zone together. 

Our land-based team games and water activities bring together some of our favourite activities for groups to enjoy and learn together. By taking us outside our typical patterns and adding in some team bonding exercises, your team returns energised and ready to work positively together. 

A typical day on our Island Expedition includes: 



Team bonding exercises

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

And after the outdoor activities …

Enjoy food and live music!

We have the best coffee, tea and soft drinks at our own Wild Way Café.

Relax by the lake shore and chat while listening to our local acoustic musicians playing original and popular covers. 

Food provided by local producers and chefs. It tastes amazing – exactly what you need after a day communing with nature! 

At Lough Allen Adventure Centre, we recognize groups have different motivations,  challenges and needs.

Just give us a call on +353 87 272 1001 or email us at to discuss how we can make your day a success.